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Repair a Garage

If the roller spindles show any signs of wear (ie, if the rollers are sliding up and down and not rolling) now is the best time to replace them.

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Removal of Waste, Junk Materials and Debris

Junk Waste is connected with thousands of companies across the US and has access to a database of dedicated companies in the removal of waste or junk materials. If you have waste or junk in or on your driveway or garage which you would like to clear please contact us.
How to Repair Your Garage Door

Garage Door Drawing

You'll notice a cord--usually with a red handle--dangling down from the guide track that the opener uses to open and close the door. This is the manual override. Once pulled, it allows you to open and close the door with your own power.

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Install a Garage

Installing a Garage on your property is a complex operation. Contact us and we can help find the right tradesman for your project requirements.

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Install a Garage Door

Install / Replace a Garage Door

If you need a new garage door, replace an old one or perhaps are thinking of building a new garage on your property then look no further.
You will find information to determine what type of garage door will suit your lifestyle, suit your preferred look and suit your budget. At there is always a dedicated representative to help.
We operate throughout the US.

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Repair a Garage Door

Is your garage door giving you a problem, are you stuck and can't get in or out?
Does it shack, shimmy or rattle? Are you constantly having to get out in the rain because the remote won't work anymore?
Maybe it's time to replace that old garage door and give your garage a new face lift.

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Remodel a Garage

Many homeowners who need additional living space overlook the possibilities offered by Contact one of our representatives to discuss exciting possibilities which will transform the way you live and increase the price of your property. are here to help you understand you project needs and goal.


Install Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are permanent, low maintenance additions to your home. Give kids a safe place to ride scooters and decrease erosion.

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Install Replace a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are such handy appliances, yet we take them for granted every time we use them. Unfortunately, even the most faithful garage door opener eventually stops working. Since the track is already in place, it's not hard to replace the old garage door opener with a new one. However this can be dangerous so we would recommend to contact a specialist engineer.

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Adjust a Garage Door Opener

Many garage doors move on metal tracks mounted on walls, and a heavy spring or springs provide the power. In most cases when the door doesn't work easily, repairs are fairly simple. However this can be dangerous which is why it is always best to consult a specialist.

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